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First We ordered a PACKAGE, I have had the same phone # for 13 years and did not want to change so to simplify, we decided to put it in my wifes name to keep the number and once all was working we would cancel the internet in my name. They were to install 10MB , we even told them to triple check because we live in Gaspar Hernandez that it was available.

They assured us it was. All was set ! they said they would e herein 8 days to install. typically and not surprisingly 2 weeks later we called and asked what happened.

We got a dozen excuses from Semena Santa to confusion. The supervisor PROMISED to call my (Dominican) wife the next day. No call . We called a few days later , more apologies and excuses.

And promises, It was 1 month later we were passing the local technician, whom we know (Small town living) He made a few calls and the next day they were here. Installed , borrowing drills and tools and had to buy just a few installation components. All done , they leave and say internet will come on in about 2 hours. New phone, New Modem and Claro TV (Which is useless) .

He said he would be back to check but never did come back. After 4 days of Internet on for an hour and off for 2 we began the tedious task of requesting service. When my wife called they told her we had claro TV but No Internet service. We explained to them that the modem was installed and the internet worked intermittently but that made no difference to them.

According to their computer we had no service. And the only service available here was 3MB (Which we already have) Since already have a telephone , hate Claro TV as we have Delancer with HD) and already have 3MB , we told them we do not want the service as it is not what we ordered and not waht we signed the contract for. Like Les, we had to go to Puerto plata (From Gaspar hernandez Ill remind you) to cancel. My wife went, and the battle began,.

They wanted us to pay $1000 Pesos for the services, She had a 3 hour battle. They admitted to all the errors but still wanted her to pay because he computer said she had to ~!LOL . She refused, gave then back their "gear" and left. Second We have had no phone and no internet service for 7 days.

Service is supposed to be within 3 days . Every day we call, we are told they are coming that day and a supervisor would call. Not one call, and still no service.

I am right now connected to my neighbours wifi (another company) Every day we get the same canned presentation and nothing happens. I have never seen worse , in any sector , ever.

Review about: Claro Bundle.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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