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CLARO mobile phone customer service is lousy and irresponsible. They cannot repair a phone in a reasonable time neither assure it will be replaced if the repair is not done in a certain period.

It has taken them 39 days and still no word of the phone. AVOID CLARO at all cost. Customer Service manager, Berliz Carrasquillo, is not able to commit neither capable of presenting a written company policy.

The contract is not clear ("CLARO" is the spanish word for "clear"). No customer rights exists and they rely on their fraudulent public relations ads campaign.

As for federal regulations on customer rights protection - CLARO - will not abide by them.

Review about: Claro Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Miami, Florida, United States #1356577

Atencion Claro Puerto Rico!!!!!

Que pena es saber que un cliente de edad avanzada de 86 aos de edad la cual no tiene abilidades de comunicacion otro que su linea residencial este ya en su septimo dia sin uso de su coneccion telefonica.


Hoy te escribe su hija la cual vive en Miami y llena de frustacion en no poder ni comunicarme *** mi Madre en Puerto Rico y por medio de sus numeros del cliente sin esperar mas de 40 minutos escoji enviar este comment .

Esta averia ha sido reportada desde el Jueves de la semana pasada y nadie ha tenido ningun seguimiento para *** la situacion actual.

CLARO PUERTO RICO , no te DUERMAS son casos como estos a los que les debemos mas atencion no manches tu reputacion por ser indiferente .

Santurce, Santurce, Puerto Rico #1034489

I totally agree worst service on the planet cant even call customer service internet on/off every day they are professional liars


Solicite internet y telefono hace ya dos semanas y todavia es el día que no me lo conectan llamo y me dicen que ellos no pueden hacer nada el servicio de información es pesimo muy pobre no se lo recomiendo a nadie mejor busque otra compañía que les pueda brindar un mejor servicio


Coneccion pesima esta semana en Internet del celular ; no hay comunicacion por telefono ya que cortan la llamada, aparte que el precio esta muy alto y no acreditan lis dias que estas sin servicio

Quebradillas, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico #942063

Claro is lousy anyway you look at it. I can't even make a payment on line or via telephone.

I hate them wish there was another company I could give my business to.

San Juan, San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico #834005

I pay for my prepaid phone and CLARO sends me goddam texts trying to sell me stuff and it takes over my phone any button i press accepts this trash and they suck the money out of my account the bastards .... but you know what ?

this weekend i change providers i switch to another company and Claro can send their worthless text messages and selling scams to some other poor sucker.

Culebra, Culebra, Puerto Rico #820961

I keep getting charges for incoming messages from a 99999 number. Blocking doesn't work. Claro is so lousy I don't know how they stay in business.


Thought I'd add my complaint here and then add complaints in other websites just to spread the "WORD" about Claro. My family has had service with Claro for over ten years, no major problems until I changed the account to my name (it was in my dad's name) and tried to apply for Lifeline when they started giving me issues.

They haven't sent my bill for two months now and every time I speak to a rep about the issue they give me a new excuse (a straight out lie actually, I can't believe the way they straight out lie to you!) First time they verified my address and info and everything was correct and just gave the excuse that it must've gotten lost in the mail, the second time they said just one number in my address was wrong and that's why I haven't received my bill, yeah right. They know that I need the bill to apply for Lifeline, and that's the real reason they won't send it.

Well, I've started the process of a formal complaint but that's going to take a while, but that's okay because the longer they make me wait the more time I have to visit websites and leave complaints about Claro. Keep it up folks.

Caguas, Caguas, Puerto Rico #783141

Horrible Customer Service at Claro Plaza Centro Mall Caguas, Puerto Rico. Long lines, 2.5 hrs waiting time in the line then tell me come in 3hrs for pick up my smarthphone Samsung note2.

The cs representative was so unrespectful he was texting someone....and I missed all my contacts and my smartphone problems continue....when oohhh then when I come to pick up my smartphone 1.5hr more in line for pick up. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

When my contract expire I will move to other company. People dont be Claro customer dont reccomend.


This company has being harassing my elderly parents (3-5 calls per week) so they switch to their new service. Going to file report withFCC. They are abussive and dishonest.

Ponce, Ponce, Puerto Rico #767861

Si hay un rating menos que cero esta compaña lo merece.

Si piensas cambiar su Campania de Teléfono o Internet in Puerto Rico a CLARO no lo haga es el peor en cubertura servicio.

Si tienes Claro tiene Nada.

Caguas, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #766160

Thanks JRM.

Caguas, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #752913

This is just an update to the previous posting from "Frustrated in Caguas". My mother's landline phone service was finally restored by Claro yesterday, December 3, 2013. The line had been down since November 5,2013 and was reported to Claro as being out of service on November 5th. This means that it took Claro almost a full 30 days to diagnose the problem and restore service on the line.

Today, December 4, 2013 when I called Claro on behalf of my mother to request a credit for the time the line was out of service,I was told that "since I am not an authorized person on the account (the account is in my mother's name) the credit could not be applied". When I questioned the absurdity of this, I was told that my mother would have to call herself in order to receive the credit. Hopefully, my 83 year old mother will make the call, and then be able to successfully navigate through Claro's rather convoluted automated answering system in order to get to a live person on the phone, who will then (hopefully) agree to the issue the credit that she clearly is entitled to. Something is clearly wrong with this picture, something is seriously wrong with this company!

Sprint, AT&T, you are going to get a new customer in Caguas very soon!

to Frustrated in Caguas - Part 2 San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #753383

You can c file a complaint in the "Junta Reglamenatdora de Telecomunicaciones" (Ttelecomunications Regulations Board)and copy the "Comisionado de Envejecientes" (Elderly Commissioner). If you are in charge of your mothers trust you are entirled. Claro clearly discriminates aganist elders and the customer center is not in Puerto Rico but in the Dominican Republic or in Mexico.Claro simply could care less for Puerti Rico.


There are currently multiple homes in Caguas, Puerto Rico(Urbanizacion Santa Juana II) that have been without landline telephone service for more than one week. Claro is the service provider and, despite daily calls over the past week, it took Claro personnel a full 8 business days just to diagnose the problem.

Worse yet, and despite assurances from Claro's pleasant (but inept) customer service personnel that the service would be restored by November 12, 2013, on November 13, 2013 they informed this customer that the problem is more widespread than originally estimated and that they now are not able to say when the service will be restored. My mother is 83 years old, lives alone in Caguas and continues to have no telephone service.

Claro was informed of her living situation when the problem was reported to them over a week ago, but that does not seem to matter to Claro or its customer service personnel. Claro's company slogan is "Si tienes Claro, lo tienes todo." In truth, it should be: "Si tienes Claro, no tienas nada".


All Claro services are alike they all lack customer service tech support,I currently have my internet service with them and you have to go through a maze of automated messages just to reach their tech unit located in the Dominican Republic and it seems to be that Carlos Slim The owner might have himself trained them cause their tech support strives on unplug modem replug modem,insert a paper clip in the reset hole in the rear of modem,now power off modem after a minute power on modem and if you still are having problems they'll claim the problem is your equipment. They will never resort to sending you a technician to check things out at the switchboard or the lines.

Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #688838

I had unlimited internet on my cell phone.i renew my contract now i have 3g data because unlimited contract was no longer a data plan. Now claro is unlimited internet again now im f@#*. I cant change to unlimited and im paying the same........no company....


Currently the worst, most incompetent broadband provider on the planet. If you're in business, this company will "screw" you plain and simple. Get carrier pigeons first.


I wanted internet, $36 mo, first bill on the 28th same mo. for $78.46.

I did not pay it...they disconnected service 1.5 months later and sent letter threatening a report to credit bureau...they called me today wanting me to pay $196.00. They say I did not report lack of service from September to now so they cannot credit my acct...this is after waiting 45 mins of being put on hold, shuffled back and forth for anothet hour...very very frustrating...bad customer servic



worse service ever , I went to pay the bill, asked if they will acept Discover card and the lady told me " I dont know maybe if it has a Visa logo on it"

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